Welcome to Twisted Tactical

“Twisted Tactical” started in early 2014 as a hobby helping friends make smart decisions with firearm and tactical gear choices and has progressed to what it is today.  The vision of Twisted Tactical is to be different than the “other guys”.  We want to do what’s right for our customer and not pad our profit.  With over 30 years of firearms and tactical experience we use the lessons learned to help you avoid some of the mistakes we've made along the way.  Our primary focus is built to order AR platform firearms; however, we can meet all your firearm and tactical needs.  Being a veteran owned company, we strive to partner with other veteran companies and small business retailers to bring our customers what we feel is the best in American made products. 

Every part we put into one of our AR builds is American made and no build is complete until it passes our stringent quality control standards.  Every firearm we build is done as if our life depends on it because someday yours might.  We provide our customers with high quality weapons without the high price of the other guys.


Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM  615-348-8570